The stocks management system helps you conduct your sales management and keep your inventory up-to-date. It makes your work easy and helps you monitor modifications as they appear ; with ease and in real time.
♣ User-freindly functions for creating, and managing points of sales & suppliers, sales & purchases.
♣ A wealth of features designed for group work:
Password for options that affect the Stock.
♣ You can quickly obtain account statements for each point of sale, supplier or stock.
♣Performing :
The stocks management system makes it easy to handle stock management effeciently , which is a significant advantage for demanding hotel and creating operators.
The present new version is MAJOR:
It allows the possibility to change the rates at any time, according to the rise or fall of prices.
Moreover, the entries are recorded and confirmed at the time of input. Thus, data can only be entred if the user gives his password: therefore, there is no possibility to modify input entred by others.
We have designed and tested so that you can proceed to its use quickly and efficiently, always attentive to any extra work.
Indeed, from the total entry of products to the full edition of Stock Management, everything has been implemented to offer you much more than just stock management: a truly interactive tool for management & control which can edit any financial document thanks to its advanced conception.