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    The ERP that focuses on the essentials
    Reservation management, planning
    Business Management
    Inventory management and supplier
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    Taking command of Ultra rapide.de effectively.
    Welcome to the our site.
    This software allows you to manage your orders, preparing food,
    optimize your time interventionsde deliverymen ...
    Order Management. Onsite printing in kitchen, takeaway, delivery;
    Product Management. Family, Food, Menus, pan and ...


The section of the front office manages over 100 reports including various detailed parameters ...Read more


It's a real analysis tool allowing you to increase your profitability and performance ...Read More

Management Points of sales

HMS-Maestro is linked with its modules Front and Back Offices all points of sale of products ...Read More

  • Performance

    - Powers of intervention and enforcement optimized employees.
    - Elimination of recorded errors .


    - Data processing and speed of decision making by management employees.


    -Development of marketing strategies for promotional activities.

The ERP HMS-Maestro : Competitive Advantages

The distinctive advantage of HMS-Maestro orchestra around the fact that its unique design and multiple functions give the manager and hotel owner a knowledge base or an immediate awareness, actionable and operational response, in contrast to a simple based on cumulative data untreated ..


Adopted and validated by leading Hotel establishments; MAESTRO HMS software is considered one of the most comprehensive management solutions and more controllable Market ....

Main Features

  • A unique software to manage your hotel business
  • configurable files
  • Reservation management, planning
  • Billing
  • business Management
  • Back-office, Handrail
  • Yield management module