7 Keys Benefits Of HMS-MAESTRO

Designed to meet the varied requirements of any size hotel, HMS-MAESTRO provides all the tools the hotel team needs for their day-to-day activity; handling reservations, checking guests in and out, assigning rooms and managing room inventory, analyzing trends and revenue management, accommodating the needs of in-house guests, and handling accounting and billing. HMS-MAESTRO is also configurable to the hospitality’s specific requirements where required.

HMS-MAESTRO is fully integrated with carefully designed modules and is interfaced with SWISS-REZ (Central Reservations System).

1. Hotels can store and access all information in one central location

Due to the fragmented nature of the hospitality industry; most hotels have pieced together multiple applications in an attempt to satisfy hotel administrative needs. This resulted in numerous sources of data that are not linked together and must be manually integrated and analyzed. This is generally done on a daily basis and usually by a Front Office or Accounting staff. HMS-MAESTRO provides a better property management system which houses all your data in one database where all key Hospitality related processes

are fully integrated and can be completed, by a single or multiple persons. HMS-MAESTRO also provide a solution where all data can be accessed and updated real- time. Everyone accessing HMS-MAESTRO will see the same information.

It is important to note that with the integration between HMS-MAESTRO and SWISS-REZ, reservations confirmed online and GDS platforms are delivered automatically into HMS-MAESTRO.

2. Multiple Modules to cater for all departments

Using additional software or manual processes or applications makes being able to view or complete tasks very challenging. It is commonly known that hotels had to use different software and hardware throughout the property because of the Property Management Software not being able to cater for these departments and outlets.

HMS-MAESTRO provides different departmental modules which are fully integrated into one central location, HMS-MAESTRO. For example, the Front Office team can retrieve guests’ details from HMS-MAESTRO for a guest making a last minute booking on Booking.com, without having to contact the reservations team.

3. Uniform and user-friendly

HMS-MAESTRO provides an intuitive, user-friendly and easily understandable platform. During the many years since its inception, HMS-MAESTRO has continuously evolved to the product of today, ensuring that hotels staff in different regions and catering for different markets can easily manage and interpret the information with minimal training and no supervision.

4. Easy & Swift Set Up

HMS-MAESTRO can be set up and implemented rapidly and easily, so that that there is minimal disruption in the daily processes of the hotels. The average time required to implement HMS-MAESTRO is significantly shorter than other property management software’s implementation. Aside from being user friendly, HMS-MAESTRO also offers onsite training and swift remote consultation so that the hotels can optimize their time in continuing to provide the best hospitality services.

5. Lower Cost

HMS-MAESTRO enables hotels to achieve significant savings relative to the Property Management System. With HMS-MAESTRO hotels do not have to make large investment in software and hardware. In addition to the minimal implementation cost, HMS-MAESTRO also requires minimal maintenance with swift remote support. With its integrations with SWISS-ECOMAX the hotels are also able to easily manage and control their energy consumption.

6. Multi Language and Multi Currency Support

HMS-MAESTRO has been carefully designed so that it can be operated in any part of the world and any type of market. HMS-MAESTRO is available in all major languages and work with many currencies.

7. Excellent Reporting

A key element within HMS-MAESTRO is the excellent reports that enable hotels to gain valuable insight on reservations, cashiering, revenues, daily activities, etc... generated from all the outlets and other revenue generators of the hotel. For instance upon signing in to HMS-MAESTRO, the hotel will be presented a dashboard which displays all relevant information for the morning briefing.