TheHMS-Maestro is a fully integrated technology solution for hospitality management businesses: City Hotels, Hotel Resorts, Condos, Time-share, Cruise Ships, Multi-hotels, Multi-Resorts, Luxury Complexes and Hotel Chain. But also the related businesses such all the points of sales, stocks management , Accounting, Payroll, Debtors, Marketing, Central of reservations and all what you need to increase your revenue + to minimise your charges = to maximise your profit with giving the best hospitality. The HMS-Maestro is one of the most sophisticated suites of softwares that gives you the best hospitality management for individual properties or chains in all the world with adaptation to the business rules, taxes and legal requirements of any country or region.


A) PMS MAESTRO: Property Management System ( the heart of the solution)
B) CMS MAESTRO: Channel Manager System ( the connectivity to receive reservations from all the distribution channels)
C) RMS MAESTRO: Revenue Management System ( the best price in the right moment to increase your revenue)
D) MOS MAESTRO: Marketing Online System ( manage your reputation, manage your mailing & manage the social media)
E) MPS MAESTRO; Multi-Property System (analyse the results per property & consolidation, access to clients cardex of all properties and make reservations in all the properties from each property)